brucelovesyou (o_chan) wrote in bad_service,

4:40pm, Sunday.
So a friend and I was on our way to a photo shoot and was running late.
I was pretty hungry as I haven't eaten all day and won't get the chance to do so until about 11pm that night.
So after calling the band saying I'll be late and asked them if they wanted anything to eat, we went through a Red Rooster drive through.

We pulled up to the speakers. At that point there was one car in front of us.

Us: hello?
speaker: *silence*
us: *waits*

A car pulls up behind us.

Us: hellllooooo?
speaker: oh! sorry. What would you like?

We gave the order, and another 2 cars pulls up behind us. The car in front of us hasn't moved from the window yet.

4:50pm the car in front of us finally gets their order and drives off. We drive to the window. The guy takes our money and closes the window.

We waited for about 5 minutes, there's nothing. We peered into the window.. And ALL the staff was just hanging around chatting and laughing. It wasn't until we knocked on the window, that they realised we were still waiting.

We got our food at 5pm exactly. Uhh 20 minutes for FAST FOOD?! WHAT!?
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