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bad hospital service

While I was at my friends house about a week ago, her 2 year old son slipped and fell off the back porch. As he was falling he hit his head on the steps leading to the porch (ouch). He was bleeding everywhere. There are 2 hospitals in the area, one is about 5 minutes from her house, the other is about 7. We went to the closer one. This hospital also has a 20min or less ER wait time guarentee.    We walk in with her son, who is screaming like crazy, and blood is gushing everywhere.   We go up to the counter, the  girl behind the counter hands  my friend paperwork, tells us to take a seat and fill it out. She doesn't offer towels to help stop/clean up the bleeding, doesn't seem at all concerned that there is a toddler bleeding from his head all over. Nothing.  So we sit down, fill out paperwork....and wait.....and wait..and wait some more. We watch as people that came in after us were taken in, with less serious injuries (girl with sprained ankle) As we're waiting the baby is screaming his head off, and bleeding. The girl behind the counter had the...balls...to walk up and ask us to quiet him down.   We waited for 2 and a half hours.   After 2 and a half hours, they call us back. Where we sit for another half hour.  Doc finally comes in, and says Mark(the baby) needs about 4 staples in his head. 

I'm currently working in a hospital, and I can't imagine not offering some kind of towel , baby wipe or something....if not to clean up the kid, then to clean the blood off my and my friends clothes. And the 2 hour wait was.....grrr.  I would've understood had they been busy...
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