Careful with that axe, Eugene (managoddess) wrote in bad_service,
Careful with that axe, Eugene

Bad service at Pietro's

Wasn't terrible, but it was a lot of little things that kinda added up from a place that usually gives great service.

So, Monday my boyfriend finally got a very, very much deserved raise. Hooray! To celebrate, his mother took us to Pietro's, an Italian restaurant. I got there first, then they arrived shortly after.

Our waiter comes by and gets our drink orders. He's kind of obviously new, but it's not a huge thing. He gets our appetizer orders as well, then goes off.

When the appetizer comes, he gets our proper orders. My boyfriend's mother orders the manicotti, my boyfriend gets some shortrib pasta with a side soup, and his sister and I both get lobster ravioli.

Soon, my boyfriend's soup comes. He lifts his spoon to eat some... except he doesn't, cause it was a fork instead. We flag the waiter down, and the situation is rectified. Hooray!

So, after a period, the food comes. The ravioli's okay... nothing to write home about. The lobster was quite overdone. My boyfriend's mother's manicotti, however, was stone cold in the middle. The side bits were fine, it was just the one in the middle. This led to my boyfriend, his sister and myself impersonating chef Gordon Ramsay... "IT'S STONE COLD! YOU'LL KILL SOMEONE!" and so on, while we waited for the waiter to come by again to flag him down to let him know. It took a while, he was nowhere to be seen for some time. My boyfriend's mother decided to just get a box to take the rest home and heat it and eat it later, since she was pretty full anyway. I only ate half of my dinner, so I got a box as well.

When we got our boxes, we requested a dessert menu. We were informed that the strawberry and banana crepes on the summer menu were out (which is a shame, 'cause that's what I really wanted), but that's not really bad service, 'cause well, it happens. Whatever. Five minutes later, he's back with a dessert menu, and is off again. Takes a bit, then comes back. My boyfriend and I split a large ice cream and brownie dish (which was fantastic, btw), and his sister gets some chocolate marscapone (a dessert cheese-ish thing, I believe). Takes a while, but dessert comes. We're happily eating our desserts, when my boyfriend's mom looks over at his sister's plate, and says, "Hey, what's that?" She scrapes at it with her nail, and off comes this crusted-on cheese. We were pretty shocked at that, it was a fairly sizeable piece. After WTFing over that, when the waiter finally brought our checks (he just kept taking longer and longer, I tells you), we let him know about it. I'm not sure he let anyone know, though.

Later that night I developped a pretty bad migraine (it had been starting about half through dinner, in fact) and wound up throwing up all over the place. I'm not certain it's due to anything I ate, but when my boyfriend's sister came over to help take care of things she said it might've been, 'cause she wasn't feeling especially well either. Dunno if it was the food or not, but since we ordered the same thing it was kind of suspect.

Not really a huge deal, but it was just a lot of small things from a place we've come to expect a lot of. We'll almost certainly go there again,

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