Laura (lauraflute) wrote in bad_service,

I am frustrated for your benefit.

My husband got some disturbing phone calls last night on our cell phone from a blocked ID. This person knew information that a stranger wouldn't know and threatened to come kick our asses on a specific day. Probably a sick prank, but I'm 5 months pregnant and no husband takes any perceived threat to his wife and child lightly. Cue him calling the police and filing a report. I attempted to call Sprint (my provider) that night but got an "our offices are now closed" recording. Hmm, funny, I didn't realize Sprint didn't have 24 hour live assistance, but then again I've never tried get a rep at 2:30 in the morning.

My travels through the Sprint maze OF DEATH start by calling customer care at 11:20. I spend 30 minutes on hold for a rep (note: when you get to Claire, just say "representative" to cut through the bullshit) and am connected to a clueless woman who insists I have a billing problem because I make the mistake of saying "case number" in reference to the police report. Eventually she and I are on the same page and I am given a new number to call. Fine, I knew this would be part of the deal.

I call number the second and reach Veronica who tells me sorry, she can't help me either, but she does have a number for me to call where they'll give me a code for call trace if this weirdo calls again. Oooookay....fine.

Number the third. No name, just answered the line "Nextel Security." Call trace? What call trace? I have to have the cops fax a copy of their report.

Now I'm confused and don't know which answer to go with, because I know on landlines you can dial *57 or something like that to initiate a trace after a call but perhaps there's an internal code Sprint uses? I call customer care back and tell Claire I want to speak to a supervisor. It's now 12:15. At 12:25 a supervisor answers (didn't catch his name) and advises me to change my number for $36. Unfortunately the asshole calling back increases the odds the cops will find him so I don't want to do that just yet, and since I have a police report why should I have to pay to change my number? No real answer from the supervisor, just another number.

This, my friends, was the number I started looking for an hour ago. The extremely nice rep at Sprint Corporate Security said unfortunately she could not help *me* but to have my local police contact her at that number and they would be happy to share any and all information they gather with them.

That was the answer I'd fully expected and been looking for. I didn't get it until 12:40. Argh. Jesus, I knew the phone company wouldn't release the number to us, but the hoopla for me to get the right steps to take was ridiculous.

So fair readers, if you have Sprint and are getting prank/harassing/threatening phone calls, give the police this number when you file your report: 1-800-877-7330. And tell them they have to call during standard business hours.*

*More frustrating service from the police department: the cop that responded to our midnight call is the only one who will handle our case, and he's a third shifter. I don't really believe someone's coming to kick our asses (although we certainly won't be home), but it doesn't comfort me that the investigation might not be handled when Sprint is open.

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