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How much will you put up with?

I have a quick little very minor suck here and then a question for y'all... because I'm interested in everyone's opinions on this kind of thing.

First a little story: yesterday at Taco Time I got a veggie burrito that was cold, stale tasting and crusty. This is halfway my fault because I SAW the girl making the burrito- they do it right there on the counter in front of you. She pulled out a tortilla that looked old and hard, with a weird dark stripe down the middle like it had been exposed to too much heat and then left to go stale. But I didn't say anything. I am seriously NOT a confrontational person and I'd rather just suck it up than complain. I have had bad/stale/cold food with hairs or even friggin' bugs in it and not said a peep because I'm too shy. I always tell myself, "Oh, it was only $3" or "I'm in too much of a hurry to bother" or "It's not that bad really" and pretend everything's peachy. I have never asked to speak to a manager. I just put up with whatever bugs me and fantasize in my head about the amazing complaints I'd make if only I had the balls.

For the record- veggie burritos aren't supposed to be cold and hard with weird crunchy bits. But I didn't take it back because the Taco Time girl was so nice and I didn't want to be a bitch and make her feel like she'd done a bad job.

So here's my question. How much are you willing to accept before you actually make a complaint, send the food back, leave the store without buying anything, etc? Or even complain to the manager or corporate HQ? Are you like me, just accepting everything and whining about it in the anonymous safety of LJ later, or do you let businesses know when you're not happy with the product or service?

How much will I take? Well, I once said nothing when a cashier at Shopper's Drug Mart stole $260 from my wallet. (I forgot my wallet on the counter, the manager found it not long later hidden under some bags in the cashier's drawer- minus $260 cash.) I had to get my loud, opinionated uncle to go back with me and lodge a complaint on my behalf. :(

ETA: Oh man, it must be a slow day over at stupid_free. Hey guys. I lol'd. Just wanted to add this because so many people commented on why I was carrying $260... that's a week's worth of babysitting wages paid out in cash. I was sixteen at the time. Raise your hand if you've ever done something retarded at sixteen? Yup.
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