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Desjardins Insurance, WTF?

I own my own home. I have various types of insurance, but the one that's driving me crazy is Desjardins Insurance.

Now, I've been with them for three years. I have their idiot-proof policy, on the off chance I flood my laundry room, drop my laptop, or whatnot. I pay extra for it, because the moment I don't take it I WILL drop an entire can of paint on my carpet, so I figure it's worth the extra money.

My job has me out of the country a lot, often with very little notice and for extended periods of time. While I have a friend feed my cats and get my mail, Desjardins only sends me policy updates and reminders by registered mail -- meaning, I need to go to the post office with photo ID to get it. It's also returned if I don't pick it up within a week. No exceptions, because the post office people just won't make exceptions -- which is understandable.

So, after having a problem last year where my policy came due, and instead of sending me the next year's bill by email (as they've been asked to do, and send me all kinds of other spam with) they sent it to me by registered mail. Whoops, I'm in the US for 3 weeks. I don't get their letter, it gets returned to them.

Do they call me on my cell? No. Do they even leave a message on my machine, which I can access from abroad? Nope. Instead... and this is just WEIRD... they send the letter to my parents (who are not listed on my policy, and have absolutely nothing to do with my policy whatsoever. WTF?).

My parents, bemused, call me and ask what it's about. They tell me the numbers, I pay online a whopping 1 day late (because of the time it took for them to mail me a letter, have it held at the post office, returned, then re-mailed to my parents). I call Desjardins, and ask that if they're going to continue to not contact me by phone or by email when my policy comes due (which is still preferable!), to then do EXACTLY what they just did -- send the registered mail to my parents! They're homebodies, the longest vacation they take is a weekend, so they'll get the letter and will call me and I can pay whatever it is for next year.

Fast-forward to today. I'm on medical leave, so I'm staying with my parents for a little while (as it's an 8-month wait for a CT scan in Montreal, and an 8-day wait here). They get a phonecall.

It's Desjardins Insurance!

Now, I have it marked in my scheduler that my insurance is due at the beginning of September. They've decided that my policy was going to end at the beginning of August as they want to raise my rates at the same time as everyone else's -- and sent me a registered letter to this effect. To my home address. Surprise, it got returned to them!

Do they call my cell? No. Do they call my machine? Nosir! They call... my parents! (Whose number THEY DO NOT HAVE! IS NOT ON ANY OF THE POLICY INFORMATION! They have their ADDRESS, which they magically got themselves and I told them they could keep using, but I never gave out their phone number!).

So, they're saying that because they've now had a problem twice with my payments, they're no longer going to insure me ever -- oh, and I owe them an extra $52 for the month of August (I pay my entire yearly bill ahead of time). WTF? For what? Well, it says in the letter.

So I ask why they didn't call me. Oh, but they MAILED me. Yes, but I requested that they NOT mail me! Oh, really? They don't have any records of that. In fact, all they have in their records is my name, address, and phone number. In fact, they can't mail to my parents, because they're not the policy-holders. So um... why did you do it LAST time?

"Oh, I don't know why."

"Hang on. So... how did you get _this_ number?

"Oh, this is the number I was told to call by my supervisor."

"Can I speak to your supervisor?"

"Well, she's gone home for the day and she won't change the rules for you!"

After speaking with her for a while longer about how none of it made sense, she said she'd speak with accounting to see if they had any instructions on who to mail the registered mail to tomorrow, and call me back. More importantly, she said that she couldn't continue talking to me on this line, as it wasn't registered to me, the policy holder.

No duh! That's why I have MY NUMBER on my insurance forms! Why did they call here in the first place?

Quite honestly, the whole thing has me befuddled more than anything else. It's not hard to get a decent insurance company where I live, I'd only been using this one because my folks recommended it to me in the first place. But they're making NO SENSE. Also, there's no way I'm going to pay extra money, when I paid for the full year already and they're not going to insure me in the future anyhow.

I'm laughing, it's so stupid... but these are the people I've been trusting with my insurance for the last three years? I think I really DO need to find a new company, good grief! I'm also glad my folks are such good sports about it all.
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