thornythalia (thornythalia) wrote in bad_service,

U-Haul Suck

Okay, so I live in a large college town, where a good portion of the leases expire today and new leases start tomorrow (annoying, btw). I know that there's going to be a run on moving trucks, so I make a reservation June 11th for a big truck, 9AM this morning to 6PM tomorrow evening. And the guy says, no that's no problem, and he confirms it and sends me on my merry way.

So, July 25th, I call to confirm (because I would be SCREWED if they 'lost' my reservation) and they say yeah, we have your reservation 9AM on the 14th through 6PM on the 15th.

Today, I go in and first of all, I had to wait in line for 45 minutes (don't understand why they wouldn't have more people working on a day they KNEW would be busy). Then, I get up to the front desk and they say, okay we have you set with a return time of 2PM tomorrow.

And I say, no it should be 6PM, and they said that the reservation was for 2PM, and they sent me a confirmation phone call and email on June 11th. Lying out of their asses, by the way. The manager notices me releasing a little bit of fury, and says that most people only get their trucks for four hours, and that they'll charge me $100 every 15 minutes that it's late.

And there's nothing I can do at that point, because I need a truck to move, so I say fine, and take it.

And the truck turns out to be stick-shift (which I didn't know about - you'd think they'd have mentioned that somewhere), so my mom has to drive it. And I can't move into my new apartment until noon tomorrow, so I have an hour and a half to unload a moving truck.

Anyone else notice that college towns screw you way more than anywhere else on earth?

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