This is how I rock (cindy_ann) wrote in bad_service,
This is how I rock

That's ok I wasn't really all that hungry.

So I was at my boyfriends house waiting for him to get home so we could go get something to eat and calls and tells me he'll be home in about an hour and a half. Cool I think, I'll order a pizza and it should be here around the same time he is. I call Pizza Hut since they are only about 4 blocks away from us and listen to the specials and decide on a one topping cheesy bite crust with a 2 liter or something of that nature.

This is where is gets bad. The girl asks my address and I recite it to her and she reads it back wrong so I correct her and she reads it back wrong again so I correct her and she finally gets it right. Then she asks how I will be paying. Thinking I suck and don't have much cash I'll pay with a credit card. I recite my number to her I kid you not no less than 8 times before she got it right. I should have admitted defeat at this point and just went out and got it but I was wiped and didn't feel like going anywhere. Then she said o.k. I got it asks for my number tells me my total and that the wait time would be around 2 hours she hangs up on me.

Thinking ok my boyfriend will have time to get here shower and then we can get our grub on. So 2 hours comes and goes and still no pizza. I call them back to see if I can get an update on where my pizza is the guy tells me that when the driver couldn't find the place and I wouldn't answer the phone he came back and they canceled it. What? He said well are you at 123 Brown St.? (Changed obviously) And I said no I'm at 312 Brown St. He responds oh well when we didn't find it because it doesn't exist we called you at ***-**** and I said no that's also incorrect and told him the correct number. I then hear him call out to the girl I recognized as being the one who took my order who told him well I don't see how it's my fault that she doesn't know where she lives and can't give me the right number. At this the guy on the phone lets out an exasperated sigh and tell me he'll send it out again and it should be there in 45 minutes. I tell him sorry but no. It's 9 now and I'm starving. He does apologize though and offers me discounts if I chose to order from them again which was kind of cool.

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