Ashlie (iluvikarishinji) wrote in bad_service,

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I'm not sure I would call this "Bad" service, maybe incorrect service?

Okay, a few days ago I got an AT&T bill for $172. Well, the previous bill was $117, and there were no overages, so I called to see what was up. After being put on hold twice for at least 30 minutes, I managed to get a $50 credit on the next bill. While I didn't like waiting, I did like that I didn't really have to push my point too much to get the adjustments.

Then today I went to Sonic and ordered a grilled chicken wrap (don't want the extra calories associated with the breaded chicken)...I get my food and take a bite out of it and see that it is in fact breaded. So I walked back to Sonic from the Ralph's parking lot in painful boots to see if I can get it fixed. I only waited 2 minutes and the manager was great about it. :)
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