but he never told me that. (theentropist) wrote in bad_service,
but he never told me that.

I am BEYOND pissed off still, and this happened a few days ago. I don't like complaining about service because I've worked customer service and I understand how tedious it can be. But this time...

I went to Cold Stone Ice Cream to satisfy my sweet tooth. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Well, I walked in the door and the line was about 20-25 people long. I looked at their stone and saw that there were only FIVE people working. On a Saturday night, on a HOT day. They had to be kidding me. So I waited forever because I really wanted ice cream. The girl gets up to serve me, and:

H (server)
M (me)

H: Hi, what can I get for you?
M: I'd like a kid's Strawberry Shortcake Serenade.
H: I'm sorry, we can't do kid's sizes of the creations. Would you like a Like It size?
M: No, I want a kid's size. I can't EAT anything more than that amount.
H: Well, if you'd like a kid's size, you can have one ice cream with one mix-in.
M: So I can't have what I want? I came here to get ice cream, and you can't at least give me the type I want without overcharging me for the amount I can eat? Okay... fine, give me a like it of the strawberry shortcake serenade
H: All right, you can follow me down to the stone!

The server mixes my ice cream and I notice she turns away from my ice cream to go into a freezer they have behind the counter to get something. She brought back strawberries. FROZEN.  She didn't thaw them, she didn't even tell me that they were frozen. She just grabbed them and chopped them up into my ice cream.

M: Excuse me, but did you just put frozen strawberries into my ice cream?
H: They just came out of the freezer.
M: I don't want something rock hard in my ice cream.
H: We don't have any strawberries that are thawed right now. if you'd like to wait a few minutes, I can get someone to thaw them.
M: No, no. You're the one serving me, you can do your own job. Take the ice cream there, throw it away, because I sure as hell don't want it. Go thaw me some strawberries, and then remake my order. Thanks.
H: Okay, no problem!

By this time, the other servers were all shooting me dirty looks. look, just because you're 17 and can't get a real job doesn't mean that you can slack off and give people subpar service. I waited another FIVE minutes and she came back and was mixing my ice cream with thawed strawberries. She handed me my ice cream and spoon.  She didn't even ask if I wanted a waffle bowl?

M: I wanted this in a waffle.
H: Oh! I'm sorry, you didn't say that.
M: So it's <i>my</i> fault? You didn't do your job and it's my fault?
H: No, I'm sorry. I'll go put this in one.
M: Okay, thank you.

She gives me my waffle bowl, and then I go over to pay her. She give me my total, I give her my money, and when she hands me the change (dollar fifty or something), she looks at the tip jar longingly. I laughed. She expects a tip when I had to wait twenty minutes to get to the line, another ten for her to make my ice cream, and then she doesn't even give me what I want OR a waffle bowl?

I asked to speak to her manager. He came out and I told him what happened. He looked blank and confused at what I was saying. God, what kind of people does that store HIRE? They're all incompetent idiots. This girl didn't even know how to make my ice cream, and then she was treating me like vermin because she figured I wasn't going to tip her. This is just bullshit. I'm calling their corporate office tomorrow, because I wasn't even offered a discount or a coupon or anything like that for their shitty service.
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