JackAndAHat (jackandahat) wrote in bad_service,

Knock on the door. I assume it's the postman, and go downstairs to open the door. On my way down, a couple of blokes unlock the door and walk in. They're here for a viewing - an agent and a prospective tenant. He didn't know if it was meant to be empty, and no-one told us anything.

I just looked through my contract, and there's nothing saying they can do that. There's also nothing saying they can't, but given they call before they send someone with a key to do maintainance, I think it's fair to assume that i'm not going to be woken from my bed by strangers walking around my house.

(And frankly, given the area - not only would I want the assurance people aren't going to walk in on me sleeping or undressed, but I'd want to lock up my valuables - a fair number of people renting around here are not the kind I would let walk around near my mobile phone.)
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