Jen Ever (foofish) wrote in bad_service,
Jen Ever

bank of america. grr.

I had a savings account that I opened with Summit Bank.. Who got bought out by Fleet.. Who got bought out by BoA. I stopped using it once I left my job that was upstairs from the branch, and I just left it open in case I needed to cash a random check. I haven't actually used it since 2003, so yeah - It's a long time, I'll give them that.

So I call today, because I might like to use that account (and the $20 that's been left in it) and I get transferred twice before I speak with a lovely gal who advises that my account has been closed. I have to call some sort of Reclamation Office tomorrow between 7 and 4 to prove my deservingness of this $20. Or I can stop by the office where I opened my account eight years ago, which is an hour away.

This is why I <3 my credit union.

ETA: My biggest beef, which I somehow neglected to include in this post.. They never sent me any sort of notification that my account was closing. Granted, I'm sure there was something in the paperwork, but I was operating under the impression that since I had left the account dormant for 2 years and came back to it still operational, I'd still be okay.
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