kaycee (ballroom) wrote in bad_service,


[not OMFGCALLCORPORATE horrible service, but very annoying!]

today I decided to call in a take-out order at a local Sonny's BBQ restaurant. here's how the call goes down:

SW = Sonny's worker

SW: *picks up the phone* Yeah, Dis Sonny's.
me: Hi, I'd like to place a to-go order please.
SW: hold on *puts me on hold for a minute*
SW: *comes back* what do you want?
me: I'd like a pork plate with cornbread (instead of garlic toast), & corn nuggets please.. oh & does that come with a drink?
SW: no. what's your name?
me: Kaycee
SW: what you said? GAYcee?
me: *thinking WTF?!?* um, no.. Kaycee.
SW: aight, it'll be bout 10 minutes *hangs up*

at this point I'm totally baffled as to why he'd think I said my name was GAYcee.

anyways.. I go to pick up the food in 10 minutes. the same guy I spoke to on the phone was the one who opened the pick up window (I recognized his voice). he hands me my food, takes my card, and shuts the window in my face. a couple minutes later, he returns with my card. I say thank you - he says nothing, but continues to laugh and talk with a co-worker. I go to my car & double check my food. just as I thought, I had garlic toast instead of cornbread, and the corn nuggets didn't come with their usual ranch dipping sauce..

I go back up to the window to tell him about it.

me: yes, sorry, but I asked for cornbread & my meal has garlic toast with it. also, could I get some ranch with these nuggets?
SW: nah, look in the box.. the cornbread is in it!
me: no it's not, I double checked, you can look as well.. would you like to look?
SW: naw, you aight.

he fixes the problem, no harm done. again - not HORRIBLE service but he was infact very rude.. I was really WTF @ how he spoke to me on the phone. it's hard to express how his tone was.. but he sounded like he wanted to kill me or something o.O lol
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