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First time posting

I don't think I've ever posted in Bad Service before -- I never really had a cause to. I've always been really polite, so I've never prompted rudeness, and I tend to just overlook less-than-stellar service because it doesn't seem like a big deal in the big scheme of things.

This, however, really upset me.

I was in a Claire's just two days ago with my best friend. I'm 19, so yeah, older than the usual clientele, but they have nice-looking silver jewelry for dirt-cheap, which was all I was looking for.

My friend and I seperated because she wanted to go look at the bags or something, and I stuck around the earring/necklace wall. I was picking jewelry up off the wall to look at it and check the back for length in the case of the necklaces, and then putting them back. I was just planning on picking one and going with it once I'd looked at all of them to my satisfaction.

I find some pretty spiral-dangly earrings and find my friend, who gushes over them appropriately, and then we head to the cashier.

Now, I should note that the people of the store were hovering near me most of the time, but I thought she was just waiting to see if I wanted help or something. I'd already declined the basket, so I thought maybe she figured I'd change my mind or something.

I buy my earrings, and then we leave. When we exit the store, we hear "Excuse me, miss? Stop right there, please!"

Bemused, I look around, and they actually WERE talking to me. I looked because I thought they might be, but I didn't really believe it, and my first thought was that I left my cell phone or something on the counter. I turn and wait for her to approach me, and she gives me this mean sort of look and asks me to give it back.

I boggle at her and glance at my bag. "My earrings?" I ask, confused.

And she tells me No, not the earrings, but the necklace I stole. Being that I didn't steal a necklace, I just stare at her in confusion and say, "I didn't take anything." By this point, my friend is staring at me, also confused, and people around us are turning around and looking at me. 

She says, "Yes, you did. I saw you," and by this point I'm blushing, because I'm absolutely mortified, and all I can do is shake my head and insist I didn't take anything. Again, she tells me she saw me take it and now people around us are WHISPERING amongst each other.

I admit, I'm perhaps overly sensitive, so I start tearing up because I'm just so embarassed. She even called security. They came up and asked to check my jacket, so I let them, and then they let me go. The clerk apologized (but rather brusquely, I think she still thinks I stole something!), but I just mumbled something like, "It's okay" and promptly ran off with my friend, who asked me if I did it. I told her no, and she believed me, but she's my friend. 

I've just never been so embarassed. I felt like everywhere else I went in the mall, people were looking at me and going, "She stole from Claire's!"

I hate stupid Claire's. Bah. ;_;
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