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More comcast woes

Hello, first time poster, long time troll/lurker. I've always prided myself on my excellent customer service skills, so I rarely tolerate it when I am on the receiving end of unwarranted bad service. I realize that "the customer is always right" was a slogan and not a policy, so therefore, I am never a sucky customer. So when I do get treated badly by employees when I haven't been a suck myself...I'm even more P.O.ed.

That being said:

I was just reading farther down about a suckage from Comcast, and it reminded me of my own sucky experience from that dreadful company. TWO of them actually. Thought I'd share. It's a bit long, though.

Both sucks happened when we added internet to our cable. We hemed and hawed over it for a few months before I decided I couldn't keep mooching wireless from the nice couple next door (who had given us permission and their security code). So we call Comcast, with whom we had cable already and had never had problems, to price internet. One full year for $19.99/month. After a year, it will go up to $59.99 (this is relevant). So I say "awesome!" and head down to the store to get my modem and wires. They ask if I want it professionally installed for $50...I refuse. Fine, whatever, I make my way to the Comcast bill-pay, hair care, and tire center.

I get to the counter, and give my information. Get my modem. I ask if she has any new ones and she says no. Fine, okay. I see the new boxes that she had bragged about 5 minutes earlier that contained "EVERYTHING in one kit...modem, cables, everything." Still...I concede. She gives me my little starter kit with cables and a used modem and sends me on my way.

I get it home. Plug in my Ethernet cable, plug in the modem, change my network from wireless to LAN, and when it says "connected" open the set up disc. I get my "no connection" message during the set-up process. So I reset the I.P., turn off the modem, press the reset button, check my Ethernet. My computer now says "a network cable is unplugged," but that I'm connected. My computer knows it has a cable in it. The modem doesn't.

So I call. I am automatically told that they can't do anything over the phone, and they'll have to send out a tech. It'll cost me $150, and it'll be 2 weeks before they can get out to me. I get a little pissed, but I sigh and say, "You know what? I'll just take this modem back and get another."

So I drive ALLLL the way back (it's about 20 miles) and get another modem. This one also used. Get home...same thing. I call customer service again. "It must be your computer ma'am, all of our modems are tested before they're rented out, and it's impossible to assume that it's our equipment. We can send a tech out, but he'll tell you the same thing."

I am livid at this point, but still not yelling. I just sigh a little more and tell him, "Okay, whatever...send the tech out. If he can't fix it, do I have to pay for it?"

"Yes, you do. But you can call and get that fee waived if you plead your case to a supervisor." I'm thoroughly irritated by this statement. But whatever. I go back to trying to assess the situation. I'm not technologically incompetent...I can probably find out the reason.

My husband comes home, and we end up arguing about who's right. I finally call customer service back. I'm CONVINCED that it's not my computer. I even bought a NEW Ethernet cable. The computer recognizes that it's there. So I finally get through and tell this story again. The guy on the phone tells me the same shpill. I finally say, "Can you please direct me to someone who knows what they're talking about?" He transfers me to someone who transfers me to someone else who transfers me again. Finally, after being transferred again, I get this girl. She's soft spoken, very sweet natured (from what I can tell). I tell her the situation and she giggles and says, "Oh, my! That can be fixed over the phone!" DING!DING!DING!

I hear her tapping away, making small talk, with the occasional "hmm...uhh...ahhh..." on her end. Turns WAS their modem! It had been activated, but wasn't giving off a signal. She told me that while it still had a weak signal, I may not want to unplug it for a while. I explain that I'm plugging it into a wireless router, so I'll need to take it out of my computer eventually...she replies that I should go ahead and try while I have her on the phone. I do. Successful. I bid her goodnight, tell her that she is a genius, and being my online regimen of blogging and message board posting.

For the next month.

Since I've already made this long enough already, I'll give the reader's digest version. I get my first bill. My cable alone was $69.99. My internet was $19.99. My bill was $178.50 after fees and taxes.

I call customer service and get the same crappy "I don't have time for this" attitude. I am told that this is my bill, I have to pay it, and I can't ask questions. I call back 3 times before I get a gentleman who is kind enough to politely explain my bill. Turns out, that because I signed up before the first of the month (5 days before), my bill was pro-rated and I was charged half of the $59.99 that it normally costs. I'm understandably confused and irritated by it, and ask him if I can get that relinquished. If I had known, I would have waited the 5 days. He gets his manager to 3rd party, and he tells me that there is nothing he can do (BS), and I have to pay it. The guy apologized profusely, and I just accept it, but ask to speak with his manager again. I get the manager and proceed to grill him about why they don't make this known to the public. Why didn't anyone casually mention, "You know...if you wait a few days, it'll be a lot cheaper."

He couldn't answer me. Then had the audacity to ask me if I wanted to take their customer service survey at the end of my call. *facepalm*

I know that was really long, but...thanks for reading.
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