Jocelyn (anothertwoam) wrote in bad_service,

Taco Hell? I guess.

In the one to two years I've been a member of this community, I've never had service I deemed bad enough to post about. Well, tonight changed that.

As a bit of backstory, this has literally been the week from hell for my family. Between work troubles, a huge storm that knocked our power out for two days and damaged property, and other irksome things it's just been an all-together horrible week. Nobody is in the best mood, and because of that none of us are willing to tolerate being treated poorly. And usually, my mom and I are both pretty easy going and quick to forgive.

We decided to go out around 9:30 tonight to Taco Bell to grab some dinner since I hadn't eaten since 11am and my mom hadn't eaten in at least 20 hours. In my town, we have two Taco Bell locations, one on either side. For years, I have made a point to go to the one on the south side of town because it's always seemed cleaner and the food better. We pulled up to the speaker with a general idea of what we wanted, but a combination of exhaustion on my mom's part and indecisiveness on my ten-year-old brother's part made us take maybe two minutes to decide before giving the order. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary, though.

Here's how the ordeal went:

M - My mom
Me - Me, obviously
BC - Bitchy Cashier

M: I'd like to order blah blah food etc. etc.
BC: All right, your total will be $ and will that be all?
Me: *whispering* No, mom, we wanted empanadas.
M: Yes ... oh, wait, no I forgot. Can you give me three caramel apple empanadas also?
BC: *silence*
M: Hello? Can I add three of those empanada things on?
BC: *in a snotty tone that she kept up with throughout the rest of the conversation* You have to pay for those, you know.
- at this point my mom and I exchange "wtf" looks -
Me: *really confused* We weren't planning on not paying for them.
BC: We're not going to just give them to you for free.
M: I never asked for anything to be given to me for free. Are you playing around or just plain trying to be rude with me?
BC: I'm not being rude to you, ma'am.
M: Okay ... well, can I please add three caramel apple empanadas to our order?
BC: No, the order is already closed. My manager says I'm not allowed to add anything at the window.
M: But we're not at the window. Can I just make it a second order?
BC: No, you're going to have to come back around to order again.
M: So I can't just make two orders and pay for them both?
BC: My manager said I can't do that.
M: Can I please speak to your manager?
BC: *silence*

By now, we'd honestly had enough and several cars had lined up behind us. The girl was extremely rude, talking down to us in this unbelievably snotty bitchy tone. I was confused because just a couple of weeks ago I came through that same drive thru with two friends and we all made separate orders and even added something on last minute and weren't forced to go back around. Even if it is a new policy or something, she didn't have to be rude about it at all - a simple polite explanation would have done wonders to turn the conversation around and make it a pleasant experience.

And wtf at the random accusation of us wanting free food? I guess "give me" isn't the best or most polite phrasing, but I'm sure as a drive thru cashier she hears that alllll the time from customers.

So my mom pulled out of line and drove out. We went across town to the other one and got excellent service (to the point that my mom tipped the guy at the window for being so courteous and sweet). We plan on calling the manager, and possibly the owner, tomorrow about that girl's attitude.

Sure, we should have probably gone in and made a complaint at the time, but we are both exhausted and just wanted to get home and eat something. They have lost my business permanently, though, unless we get a stellar response from their manager/owner. I rarely eat at Taco Bell enough for it to really matter, but it's a principle thing, you know?
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