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So about going on three years ago we got a brand new furnace from Airstream Furnaces. I don't know if that's actually their name, because I'm very pregnant and very forgetful right now, but it sounds similar and doesn't matter to the story anyways.

With that brand new furnace came a 3 year full warranty.

So beginning of June our furnace completely crapped out. Will not work, makes weird fan noise if someone tries to turn it on.

We call them up and tell them the story, and they say someone can come out the very next day to fix it. We tell them that we cannot have that because we have a very important appointment at the same time, so can we please reschedule. They say the rest of the week is pretty busy, they'll call us back.

After a week of not hearing from them we call back, and tell the receptionist that we were told a week ago that someone would be in touch with us. She tells us VERY snottily "Well isn't that something, you know SOME people have to wait *2* weeks." and tells us they'll be in touch with us when they can.

After we've been waiting a total of 5 weeks from the incident, my hubby calls back. Talks to a technician who actually sounds like he cares and informs us someone will call us back later that day.


It's now been a total of 9 weeks, 5 days since our furnace broke. We've spoken to a total of 8 people who have all assured us that we will be taken care of soon, who all expressed complete disgust at how long we've been waiting so far, but yet no one has even come to look at the furnace or tried to set up an appointment, just a general "we will call you back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to set up an appt.."

I'm really bloody annoyed. I've tried asking for the manager, that didn't work. It's been all summer without our furnace (PS - it's been about +40 outside this summer, and our furnace also has an A/C option which would have been very nice to have, because as a reminder, I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant. I overheat VERY VERY easily)

Now I'm thinking that they're going to keep trying to drag their heels until end September because that's when the warranty expires.

We both have the day off work on Monday and are actually going into the store to raise a ruckus though, because I'm seriously pissed and we've done the whole nice-polite-explain-the-situation thing about once a week now to several different people and it hasn't done a damn thing.

(my definition of raise a ruckus is not to be a screaming EB, I assure you)
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