Ezlet (ezlet) wrote in bad_service,

DQ Suckage.....

The husband, baby, and I just returned from a trip to DQ for a late lunch. This tiny tale contains one wtf and one actual suck.

The WTF: We were greated at the counter by a nice enough girl. As the hubby glanced over the menu to decide what he wanted, I notice a little bug creature perched on the cash register. The drive-thru window was nearby, so I didn't think much of it. It kind of looked like a baby stink bug, so I kept my distance because I think they're creepy, lol. The hubby orders, I order, and then she asks for the monies. Just as I'm handing it over, she notices the bug. She starts trying to shoo it away with her hand, but it won't budge. She tries to brush it away, still it stays. So, she reaches into the tray of plastic spoons nearby and tries to flick it off (right at us, mind you). 

 Then she resorts to trying to scoop it up, which again doesn't work. Her final solution? She starts smashing the bug with the spoon through the little vent grates of the register until all you see are the little smeared broken legs poking out near the total screen. The whole times she's muttering "Why won't you just die?!" Now satisfied that the evil bug of d00m is destroyed, she turns to drop the spoon BACK INTO THE TRAY OF CLEAN SPOONS!!!!! Insert hubby and I exchanging glances of wtfery, which she notices and says "Oh, heh, I don't want to put it back in there, huh?" and she drops it into the trash.


The Suck: After Hubby & I ate our burgers (and the baby gnawed down a whopping half of a fry, heh), I scoot back up to the counter to order a Blizzard (Strawberry Cheesecake, for those who want to know ^_^). Same girl at the counter, and she's just finishing ringing up a lady infront of me. She doesn't even wait for this poor woman to put her wallet back in her purse before leaning around her and calling out to me "Can I help you?". Woman leaves, I step up and give my order. She tells me total, and I hold the money out. She turns her back on me and walks off to talk to a co-worker before I can mention that I need it to-go. I stare at the still smashed bug in the register vents. Ick. 

 She finally starts making the blizzard, stopping ever few moments to chat with co-worker. They were both standing less than 4 feet from me, so I know it wasn't about work. Oddly enough, they were talking about butterflies. So, she finishes and comes to take my monies. Hands me the blizzard, which has about 2 inches of icecream overflowing the top. I said "I'm sorry, would it be possible to get a lid for this? We're actually just getting ready to leave and I'm driving *smilemile*" She sighs, looks around the counter (I can see the dome lids sitting in a stack behine her at the soft-serve machine) and hands me one of those clear plastic parfait/sunday cups. The hubby & baby were waiting to go, so I just tried to pop it on and head out (didn't want baby to get angry and start fussing).

 Needless to say, it spilt in the car and wound up right in the trash when we got home. Which is sad, because I haven't had a Blizzard in about 3 years now. Partly my fault anyway for not speaking up and requesting a proper lid when she essentially gave me a cup to cover my... cup.

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