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I'm a member of both the good twin and the bad twin communities relating to the service of customers. Which is which depends on which side of counter you're standing on at the moment.

Usually, I'm right there with them on "idiots calling in, wanting support on something that's in another location! RAHR!". I did phone support for a consumer ISP for years. I know, it sucks. For the most part, I think I'm very tolerant with service persons. Again, consumer ISP phone jockey, been there, done that, got the liver to show for it. HOWEVER, what IS IT about service receptionists that decide to cop an attitude?

Over the weekend, my garbage disposal stopped working. I flipped the light switch. There was the normal sound, and then there was no sound. Usually it's very loud until I flip the switch again, so I recognize there is a difference. Also, water doesn't go down the hole as fast anymore. Again, I notice a difference. Thus ends my knowledge about garbage disposals.

I'm a member of my local bbb club, like, thingy. I look up a well-rated plumber close to my home. On Monday, I call them. I wait until business hours on MOnday because that's when they're open. No fuss.

There may be slight variations, but this is pretty durn close to the conversation:
me: "Hello, my kitchen garbage disposal has stopped working. Is this the sort of service your plumbers provide?"
Twitch:*BIG SIGH* YES!

(ok, we're off to a bad start. Last year I called a plumber who ended up using a tool called a ditch witch to resolve my issues. I'll grant you a ditch witch WOULD take care of garbage disposal problems, it doesn't fit well under the sink though. Short story, well excuuuusse ME for thinking there might be different specialties!)

Me: Er, I'd like to make an appointment to have a plumber come out and replace it.
Twitch: What kind is it?!
Me: Dang, I dunno. Um, should I write it down tonight and call back tomorrow?
Twitch: *BIG SIGH* Nooo, nevermind, most of them are the same anyway. What kind do you want?
(If they're all the same, wtf you ask me for?)

Me: Kind? Uh, I really don't have any idea. (and I really don't. Once more for good measure, I flip the switch, big noise, water go down the hole.)
Twitch: Well, you can have the blahblah, that rotates in two directions, thus improving the capacity to yakyak [translation: water go down hole better]

Me: Yes, I'd like one of those please.
Twitch: Okaaay, but I should tell you, that one costs $200 PLUS installation. We have a min 1 hour installation fee of $90. That's almost $300 and we insist you pay at the time of service.

With every fiber of restraint I have, calling up the zen feeling I maintained while telling people for the 5000th-time, "Click Start, Settings, nono, not Run. Start, settings..."

Me: Do your technicians prefer cash or check?
Twitch: We don't take credit cards.

I only share this because it happens all-the-time. When I take my car in, no I do not know what's wrong with it. I'm paying you $125/hour to diagnosis it, you figure it out!

I'm very intentionally not sharing the name of the company. They have 54 positives and I'd hate to slander them just because Lorraine's cousin was taking calls that day. I'm sure the tech will be fine.
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