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Note to self and others...

screaming your rage into a pillow is incredibly tiring. Not to mention it scares the shit out of your furkids and make them look at you like you're crazy. I honestly don't know how kids do it for hours and hours on end. I got a few (5 at most) good screams into the pillow before I got dizzy and winded. Sprogs must have incredibly strong lungs or something.

I got of the phone with Qwest (we got ANOTHER bill from them, even after the lady from the corporate office said they wouldn't bill us anymore because of porting problems) and got absolutely NO WHERE!! GRRRRRRR!!!! I got this smarmy bitch who kept putting me on hold, absolutely worthless. I asked for the notes on our account and she snarkily replied "not without a subpeona." I might have to take her up on that. :P

NEVER go with Qwest. They are the WORST place to get phone service, and the billing nightmares start with day one. Their "customer service" people are inept at best, smarmy and outright bitches at worst.

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