gigglesqueak (gigglesqueak) wrote in bad_service,

I'm not sure how well this is going to end out, I hope I explain it clearly.

In Australia there is a phone/internet company named Telstra. At my old house we had been connected with them for a number of years. About 4 years ago I called them asking to disconnect my dial-up internet connection because I was now on Cable internet. All things were fine and dandy and they told me they would be over to disconnect it in the next week.

3 weeks later, a serviceman turned up at 6am *mutters* and tells me he just needs to check the phone line and disconnect it from the wall plug thingy by going under my house. Fine with me.

A year ago we decided to move house. While collecting boxes of stored stuff from under the house, we found that the guy had ripped the cable (lucky he didn't ruin the plaster in the house or anything) out of the plug thingy. yep, that's their version of "disconnecting". professionals all the way :P

Now about 6 months ago, I get a call saying that I had an outstanding bill from Telstra. WTF? I haven't been with them for 4 years, how could I have a bill?! Ah but of course, they'd "disconnected" me from their services, but still charging me the connection fee!!

I called their billing department and they checked the notes for my account. According to their "records" I had never called them to disconnect it. When I asked why the serviceman came round I got the delightful reply of "How should I know?!".

After being contacted by many debt collectors and months of debate over AU$800, they finally sent me a check... for AU$0.19.

Argh, I'm still fighting it.
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