The Ninja (the_ninja_style) wrote in bad_service,
The Ninja

Update on LoneStar

LoneStar called me to offer an apology for our lack of service.
The woman I talked to asked me some questions that made it sound as though *we* were the problem, not the manager.
A few questions I remember were; "How often do you eat at a Steak House?" "Did you call for reservations?" "Was the place overly crowded?"
1) Usually once a month, it's not like we just crawled out from under a rock and thought, "Hey, lets go to a steak house!"
2) We've tried before and got told "First come first serve except for parties of 8 or more."
3) I said there was empty tables, how does that make for overly crowded?

So thank you LoneStar for the half off coupons and free drinks. However, I'm not sure I want to return to a place that kicked me out after they couldn't provide me with a waiter/waitress.
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