I heart steak (spunkythefish) wrote in bad_service,
I heart steak

Kinda, sorta X-posted from my personal LJ. Edited slightly because of an apparent infestation of F-bombs and a hypothetical dialogue that was basically unnecessary.

The Sallie Mae people don't seem to have their shit together. I called to file for forbearance on my student loan, only expecting to hold for a while before getting this shit taken care of...only I had a very short wait time. Good sign, right? No. I was bounced around from department to department until I ended up talking to a guy who I couldn't fucking understand. I sat there saying "I'm sorry, I can't understand what you're saying." AS POLITELY as I could, trying REALLY HARD not to sound condescending...only it didn't seem to work. The guy got irritated with me and transferred me to someone else, who promptly transferred me to another department...and then I got ticked off and hung up.

Honestly...were they fucking with me? The only one who seemed to know what she was doing was the girl who sent me to the service department (where I apparently needed to be). And I didn't want to be rude to that guy...but I couldn't understand him. Maybe it's because the speaker on my phone isn't working correctly (not to be confused with speakerphone...which usually does sound like poop), maybe it's because my hearing is getting worse...

So...next time I should tell them to speak slowly and clearly? *facepalm*

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