She Haggles For the Cheapest Price (fireplug) wrote in bad_service,
She Haggles For the Cheapest Price

Oi. Victoria's Secret

I usually love Victoria's Secret. I know most of the bras are pretty expensive so I usually buy them as a 'yay, I have extra money. I could really use a bra.' kind of thing.

So I went in to a larger one yesterday. I've been looking at one of those PINK Scoop neck bras for awhile. Finally I found one in the store and I was excited because I would not have to pay shipping. I looked at another bra but opted for the scoop neck because it was cheaper. I distinctly remember it being 28.50.

I get rung up and it comes to around 42 dollars. I think oh. I must have grabbed the wrong bra. I think it's okay because I'd been wanting the bra for awhile.

But then I check out the price at home online because the price had been nagging me. It definitely says 28.50.

I check the receipt more closely because I kept it in my car because I'm moving in a few days. It says Angels Lined on the receipt. That is definitely not the bra I bought. The little part of the tag that says the price is also all of a sudden mysteriously gone. It was there when I picked it out.

I call today to see what's going on. I ask for a manager and the woman on the other end hangs up on me. She mentioned nothing of holding or transferring me. She just hung up on me.

I'm going to just go down there later. I know it was my fault not to check the receipt more thoroughly. But now since I know it says another bra I don't think that they will believe me.

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