Ren (wunderaliceland) wrote in bad_service,

I enjoy Dunkin Donuts for the donuts. I don't generally enjoy their coffee because all the times I have been, they just put the cream and sugar in it for me. Let me preface this by saying I don't live in an area populated by Dunkin Donuts so I was not aware that you can just ask for them NOT to put it in for you and just put the sugar in yourself.

Or maybe not according to this employee I encountered. Yesterday I was flying home from spending a week in Massachusetts with my boyfriend, where there are Dunkin Donuts GALORE. Some time during the week we had a discussion about my dislike for Dunkin Donuts coffee and he informed me that I can just ask for them to let me add my own in. So as I was sitting at the PVD airport waiting for my plane that was delayed 5 hours(A whole other story) I decided to try out this theory of my boyfriend's and find me some coffee.

I get up there and I am not even AT The counter before this short woman standing behind the counter is yelling for my order. Making a quick decision I said, "A small coffee please but leave room for cream." She says in a really rude tone, "We put it in there FOR you." And I said, "Yes, I know but can you not?" My plan was to grab some cream from the uber expensive bar next door and put my own amount in. (Very picky about my cream and sugar levels) She rolls her eyes at me. I couldn't believe it. I am not asking her to do ANYTHING but give me a regular black coffee but not fill it up all the way.

So I am automatically upset with her shooting an attitude my way. I've been in the airport for close to five hours at this point and I don't want attitude, I just want coffee. The register lady (someone different) asks if I would like anything else. I asked for a glazed donut. Before register lady could even turn around and tell the coffee hag what I said, coffee hag says to me, "WE DONT SERVE THOSE HERE"

And I am dumbfounded because here I stand, looking over her shoulder AT GLAZED DONUTS! I was so totally caught off guard. I fumbled with my words trying and stared at her for a second before looking helplessly back at the register lady who said, "She said GLAZED donut." and Coffee hag says, "Oh, well it sounded like plain." Okay whatever I can deal with a little hard of hearing. But her tone was just beyond unnecessary. No reason at all to be so snappy to people.

And if you don't think she was rude to me, the lady behind me wasn't sure what her favorite Starbucks drink would be at a Dunkin Donuts but before she could explain herself or even finish her sentence, coffee hag says, "Well I've never been to a Starbucks so I have no clue what you are talking about."

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