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Is it bad service if you refuse to contract with them?

Dude, you're trying to sell something to our company. Did it ever occur to you that pissing me off wasn't the best way to go about it?

Bitching at me about the fact that you can't reach the Broker-in-Charge during hours that are convenient to you doesn't win you any points. Yes, he's unavailable from 1:00 to 3:30, and sometimes he's gone all day - work around it! Bitching at me about the fact that "I claim" that the Broker-in-Charge doesn't have a cell phone doesn't win you any points, nor does implying that I'm lying to you because "all Real Estate people have cell phones." Bitching at me about the fact that he won't be available to meet you at our satellite office unless there's another agent available at the same time doesn't win you any points.

You also don't get any points for failing to consider that there might be a reason for these restrictions. Ditto for joking that you'd love to have his hours.

But you reached an epic level of FAIL for your sarcastic reply when I told you that the problem was not that he "was not interested in doing business" but that he has Parkinson's.

He can't drive - he has to wait until one of our agents is available to take him somewhere. He doesn't have the manual dexterity to use a cell phone. He has to take a nap every afternoon if he has any hope of functioning later in the day. Sometimes - regularly - he has to spend the entire day at the hospital being tested and having his medication adjusted.

I've informed him that you were "exceedingly rude" to me (I didn't give him the details).

You and your "top" local yellow pages that I've never heard of? WE WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH YOU. EVER.
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