navigating by the stars at night (latenightdrives) wrote in bad_service,
navigating by the stars at night

I officially hate Verizon Wireless.

I'll apologize ahead of time for the language I used in this. I'm still really upset/annoyed.

I got my Verizon wireless bill today. I have 850 minutes per month to use. This month I used 879 minutes. So I should be charged 29 minutes in overages, right? NO. WRONG. Verizon billed me for 179 overage minutes for a total of $150 dollars! (how does that work? Was I paying close to a dollar a minute in overage charges? That's NOT what's in my contract.) I would have had no problem paying the 29 minutes in actual overages. Too bad Verizon decided to use their own special type of math instead.

Can someone possibly explain to me how 879 minutes used TOTAL with 850 allowed = 179 minutes in overages?

I called and complained and was on the phone for 45 minutes. The first girl just didn't get it so I asked for a supervisor. The "supervisor"/second girl started off saying there was nothing she could do and told me it was billed correctly. She FINALLY credited $100 after I told her I wanted to cancel my account and would be telling everyone I knew how disgusted I was. I gave in and accepted that deal (though I was still paying for about 60 minutes more than I should have) because at that point I was tired of arguing. I will still be writing a letter and will also be telling anyone who will listen. It's shady business practices and completely unacceptable in my opinion. Six years with the same account (that is always paid ~3 weeks EARLY) and this is how I get rewarded?

Fuck you, Verizon Wireless, fuck you.
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