optimusshr (optimusshr) wrote in bad_service,

Bad paperboy

This one is a few years old, but what the heck.

Now some of you may be asking "But OptimusShr! How can you get bad service from a paperboy?" Read on and see.

So my family subscribes to an evening newspaper. It usually comes in the afternoon and we never had a problem, for a while.

After we moved to our current address (Which is spittin' distance from our old one) things, started to go wrong.

The first sign was when the paper started showing up later on at night. This, while annoying, was not a major problem. Our major problem was worse.

The paperboy never provided a cover for the paper on rainy days so we would often find the paper soaked to the bone from the rain and would have to wait some time before it would dry.

The final straw came when we brought the paper up after a snowstorm and found GIANT WAD OF SNOW between the pages. The wad and the wet spot were about the size of a fist looking at the back or palm area. We then canceled our subscription and bought that paper at the store for the same price and avoid having to wait for ages or have it soaked.

The paper then contacted us and said there was another delivery person in our area we could use. While we were skeptical, we gave it a shot.

Never had a problem since. It is always early and never uncovered during a storm.

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