XenoIncognito (xenoincognito) wrote in bad_service,

Hooray for nepotism!

So. I joined this community because I remembered a bad_service from a while ago.

Anyway, my family and I went to a restaurant near our house for dinner. This is a rather small restaurant, and is family-operated. The waiter takes our food, we get our drinks, and everything is fine.

...Until this group of 20-somethings who comes in after us and sit down. They're loud and obnoxious. It's obvious that they're friends with the staff, because immediately the manager comes up to them and starts chatting with them. They get their orders taken.

 About 10 minutes later, when we should've started getting our food, the waiter brings out their orders.  I understand that sometimes people who come in after you get their orders first because it's easier to make. Fine. So 10 more minutes goes by and the waiter brings out more of Other Table's orders. We're all pissed as well as hungry. My mother goes up to the waiter and asks when we'll get our food. He tells her that our food will be there soon.

Sooo. 5-8 more minutes goes by and we still have not received a single one of our orders. We decide to just leave. The manager tells us to wait a little bit more and she'll give us our food for free to-go. We refuse and leave.

Nearly half an hour and we never got our food. We've never gone back to that restaurant again, needless to say.
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