The Ninja (the_ninja_style) wrote in bad_service,
The Ninja

Lonestar in Peoria, IL

Last night I went to Lonestar Steakhouse with my boyfriend and two friends. The wait wasn't too bad, and we thought we got lucky because the wait is usually 20+ minutes on a Friday night.
We were seated at a booth and we waited, and waited, and waited. No waitress, no drinks, no nothing. There was no one in the booths around us but there were some tables close. People that hadn't been seated before were getting seated and their drinks.
Finally someone walked by us and we stopped them asking for our waitress/waiter as we hadn't seen anybody. The man said she would be right with us.
We wait some more. Now one of the closest tables has ordered and we still haven't seen anyone.
The man that we stopped before, we stopped again. This time we asked if there was a manager as we still hadn't seen a waitress/waiter. He told us he would get one.
The people at the table now have their food and we haven't seen anyone, not even a manager.
Finally, one walks by and we stop him, telling him of our situation. He says he will find her, and off he goes.
Another few minutes pass - no one.
On the way back from the restroom my friend and I see the manager and we confront him, asking if we could expect a waitress sometime tonight.
Instead of apologizing he accused us of harassing his staff.
Really because besides him and a bus boy we hadn't even SEEN a staff member. So how exactly were we harrassing them?
He then said we were loud and drunk.
OK two (noticeably) pregnant women and two men who haven't even been served drinks are drunk how?
He then kicked us out. On our way out, the hostess said, "Oh, those are the ones I sat in the area with no one serving! There is an open table for them! I've been trying to get *someone* to find them for me so we can move them!"
The manager said don't worry about it, and outside threatened to call the cops on us.
Well how convenient for us that my friend's boyfriend IS a cop, and told him so. He even pointed to the Police SUV in the parking lot and said, "That's mine. You wanna go for a ride?"
The manager went back inside without another word.

NEVER in my randomly bad restaurant experiences have I ever experienced anything like that. You made a mistake so you kick people out? Tell me how that seems fair!
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