JM (jebovi) wrote in bad_service,

more of a question than anything...

I got my hair cut today at one of the mall salons. (first time I've ever been to one, and last time). Before she started cutting I told her I wanted a trim, with my layers cleaned up slightly. Now when I said trim, I didn't say an actual amount off because I assumed that meant an inch or so, which I know was a mistake. But I did explain exactly how I wanted my layers. I ended up wtih 5 inches taken off and the type of layering I told her I didn't want. She tried to fix the layering, but only managed to make it shorter. I paid her and tipped her quite well.

Now my questions: while I acknowledge I was wrong to not have specified a length, shouldn't she have asked me more specifically before she started cutting? But more importantly, because I hate the cut so much (I've washed it and styled it on my own just to check), would it be horrible to call the salon and ask for my money back? While I'm sure they'll offer to fix it, I don't trust them there again. Since I'm most likely going to be paying to get it fixed, I'd like my money back. I hate complaining, but I hate my haircut even more
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