Jessica (lillylafae) wrote in bad_service,

Remembered Taco Bell suckage

Brought about by this line in a post from another community regarding drive-thru customer etiquette:
4- The driver of the vehicle is the only one that should order. The driver of the vehicle is the only one that should order.

of course, this was about a year ago, so this isn't word for word, but you can get the jist...
The cast:
K- my girlfriend. Incredibly soft-spoken, has never before had problems ordering in drive-thru. Driving because we were in her car.
DTG- Drive-thru girl
Me- Loud mouthed bitch. I was already having a bad day and we were running late to meet up with friends.

Car pulls up to the order speaker.
DTG: *mumbled standard drive-thru greeting*
K: *places her standard order (chalupa, two taco supremes, and a large dr. pepper)*
DTG: I'm sorry ma'am can you repeat that? I couldn't hear you.
K: *repeats her order a little louder*
DTG: Ma'am?
Me: *leans over from the passenger side and LOUDLY repeats the order*
DTG: Ma'am, are you the driver?
Me: What does it matter? You could obviously hear me and you couldn't hear her.
DTG: Ma'am, we need the driver to place the order.
Me: As long as you can hear the order clearly, it really doesn't matter.
DTG: *mumbles the total*

When we drove around to the window, DTG proceeded to lecture us because SHE couldn't hear K, and I had to place the order from the passenger's side. She told us that if K couldn't speak up, we had no place going through the drive-thru. I told her that was a crock of shit, since we had just been through the drive-thru of the Arby's next door (I was having a low blood-iron day and needed more meat than I could get from TB) and THEY had no problems whatsoever hearing K order my food.

We've not been back to that particular Taco Bell since.
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