Xondra (xondra) wrote in bad_service,

I fail

I cannot understand how it is not the duty of the Metro employees to protect and care for the safety of the users of the system, especially when its ability to work normally was recently maimed by a wreck which caused a situation these people where not prepared to handle because they simply thought it was never going to happen! coz we venezuelans are SO especial. DUH.

I'm fed up of being hit, pushed and shoved by the stupid crowd and especially, of the worthless, uncaring, useless metro employees.

P.S. the article is wrong in that it has been 34 years of service. El Metro de Caracas C.A. has been open since 1983 (23 years).

EDIT: Sorry if I didn't explain it enough. I'm complaining because the metro workers say they cannot do anything to control what goes on every time a train arrives to the station. I feel this is not true because they are not even trying. Through an interview with one such employee I got that they are "understaffed" and that "only the high-ups can do anything about this," and that since they "are doing nothing, I cannot do anything about it". I still think this is an accident wanting to happen; a senior pushed to the ground breaks something, or a baby hit in the wrong spot. So many possibilities.

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