pip3r (pip3r) wrote in bad_service,

Crack Barrel UPDATE

I tried to call my Department of Health, but haven't been able to get through to anyone yet, which is bullshit. But I did e-mail CB, and then I called a few hours later. I spoke with a woman who was HORRIFIED about the situation and said she was forwarding it on as we spoke, and would be sure to update me in a few days. 

I told her I didn't want anyone to get in trouble, and I'd always had great service, so I just wanted to let them know. She was super nice, and I think my being polite about it helped a lot. She was also upset when I mentioned my phobia of cockroaches, and agreed this wasn't something I should have to be put through.

I'm still gonna try the Department of Health tomorrow, but at least ONE person with CB acted how they should and jumped on the ball.

Thanks for all your advice too!

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