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Snooty receptionist.

One of our vendors is located in Canada, Quebec I believe. My direct contact is great to work with and I've had no complaints about him at all. His first name is Laurent and I'll admit my silly American self is not that great at pronouncing his name exactly. It seems to change in the way he says it sometimes (at least to my un-trained ears) Lau-ROHNT and sometimes Lau-REHNT. Again this is probably my problem as English is my first language and I don't know a lick of French. That being said I try my best not to butcher his name and when I've spoken to him I do use his first name and he's never corrected me or mentioned anything about it.

His receptionist, however, is a different story. Every time I call, she corrects me on the pronunciation. "It's LAURENT not LAURONT" I think it's fairly obvious due to my accent and how I pronounce his name that I don't speak French. She knows who I'm talking about, why can't she just transfer me? I wouldn't mind so much if she didn't do it every time we call (she's done it to both me and my other co-worker) and she's a bit of a bitch about it. It's not the worst service in the world but it's definitely annoying.

EDIT I'd also like to add that his last name is pretty common (common as in "Smith" for example) and I use both first and last when asking for him.
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