disney834 (disney834) wrote in bad_service,

Ghirardelli store, Downtown Disney.  Cast of characters: me, cashier

Sign reads :Buy 4 chocolate bars, get 1 free.

So, I get 5 bars, some other stuff, and go check out.

The cashier tells me the total, and I pay.  She hands me the receipt.  I look at it, and I was charged for all 5 bars.

Me: pointing to my right "The sign says buy 4 get 1 free.  You charged me for all 5 bars."

Cashier:  "You got a free one.  It's on there."

Me: looks at receipt again "No, I am being charged for all 5.  There are the prices.  Nowhere does it deduct the price of the 5th one."

Cashier: "It took it off."

Me: "No, it didn't.  Look at the receipt."

Cashier: "You get coupon on the bottom, see?" and kinda waves me away with her hand.

Coupon on the bottom is for 10% off next visit.  That, clearly, does not equal a free bar.  And the coupon is meaningless to someone who lives 600 miles away, lol.

Me: "No, that is not it."

Another cashier turns, and they start rapidly talking in Spanish.  The other cashier counts the bars on the receipt at least 3 times before MY cashier understands.  That's all that I could understand of the conversation.

Cashier: "Ok, you can go get a free bar.  Then we will be even? Ok?"

I get another bar (b/c clearly, they aren't going to fix the receipt) and hand it to her.  She hands it back and says ok.  Never scans it, makes a note of it, nothing. 

Not just 'bad service', but also bad bookkeeping. If she did that too many times, I imagine that the inventory will be off, and she could get into trouble. She definitely should have done something.
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