ocdgirl (ocdgirl) wrote in bad_service,

Not the worst of service...

But annoying nonetheless. I was on vacation recently with my mom and my friend, and we went to a local Italian restaurant for dinner. Everything was fine for most of the meal. The bruschetta was scrumptuous, the salad and bread delicious, the pasta exquisite... And then we ordered dessert (which was, in and of itself, delicious, as well).

What I didn't appreciate however, was the waitress's attitude when she brought our drinks. My mother had ordered coffee, my friend, espresso. I got milk. So as she hands me a mug full of milk, she says, "Milk? It's a little kid drink. Maybe I should have brought it to you in a kiddie cup." Cue me not really smiling along with her laughter.

Excuse me. There are a dozen reasons why I might want milk. It does a body good. I don't like coffee. My father was killed by Juan Valdez. Point being that it is not proper waitstaff etiquette to make fun of anything your customers order.

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