drkipper's Ent., Ltd... mayhem ensues... (dr_kipper) wrote in bad_service,
drkipper's Ent., Ltd... mayhem ensues...

...funny, sorta suck...

At my local Jack in the Box I ordered a # 1 combo Large...

ME & JACK chat at the talky-box:
JK: WHAT cheese & onions?
ME: Swiss & Grilled.
JK: Curly fries?
ME: No, regular fries Please.
JK: Large comes with large fries. What Drink?
ME: Large Mint shake.
JK: OK, So thats a #1 with swiss & grilled curly fries & a large mint shake?
ME: I'm sorry, I don't want curly fries, I want regular fries.
JK: But you ordered everything large so your fries will be large not regular.
ME: That's fine but I don't want curly fries, you listed curly when repeating my order. I want large regular fries....Normal fries, ordinary fries...
JK: So you know you ordered a large combo, I don't see the problem with the fries & why you would want regular, if the large is too many just don't eat them all.

AND you know...the curly fries aren't THAT bad.... *sigh*
Otherwise I love our JiB.

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