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Bad Service Question

My husband and I went out for an early dinner on the 25th to Granite City Brewery. Had a lovely meal which came to $20 and a few cents. Our waitress wasn't any spectacular (Didn't speak to us other than to take the order, but didn't do anything terrible either), however I did leave a tip. I wrote up the slip to be $25 even, my husband signed it, and off we went. 

While checking our bank statements online this afternoon, I notice that the charge for the meal came out on the 27th but NOT for $25. It had been changed to $29.97. Now I have searched in every pants pocket, purse, wallet, car, everything trying to find my copy of the receipt. I fear I accidently put it in our daughter's diaper bag and it may have fallen out :(. However I do know that there is NO way I wrote the total amount  to be what's been charged. I always make sure to round to the nearest dollar if I leave a tip on a charge card, which I only do if I don't have cash on hand.

So here's my question: I know that I need to call the business and speak with someone, but how to I prove anything without my copy of the receipt? Can this be rectified, or is it pretty much a lost cause?

**Edited for stupid typos Grr.

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