Yessir (vonlisbon) wrote in bad_service,


Dear whoever was in charge of delivering our paychecks today,

That was so sweet that y'all showed up early. It's really nice when the checks get here in time for the boss to sign them before she leaves. You showed up so early, in fact, that it was before we were open. I understand this could be a bit of a predicament for you, as you will get bitched at if our paychecks are not delivered on the correct day and I'm sure you have many other deliveries. A good option here is to possibly leave a note, leave the envelope containing the checks with the management office, leave them in our locked mailbox, or put us at the end of your delivery schedule if possible. You can even slide them under the door.

A poor option here is to leave the envelope with the word PAYCHECKS - CONFIDENTIAL containing the names, numbers, addresses, social security numbers, and bank account numbers of all of our employees taped to the front door with Scotch tape. At best, the tape could have merely melted or blown off and god only knows where our checks would have ended up and in what condition. At worst, we are in the middle of a goddamn shopping center that will not get the least bit busy for another four hours. Anyone in the world could have taken that envelope and we would have never known.

I'd seriously rather them show up late.
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