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Allo! New Member here with an ongoing bad service rant. X.x

My old cellphone decided to die on me. I had had it for alittle over 2 years, it wasn`t keeping a charge anymore and would turn on and off randomly. So I scraped some money together (I`m a student who +just+ moved into a new apartment in a different state so money is tight) and decided to buy a cellphone. My mother and brothers had some luck with cells from ebay. So I decided that I would go that route.
I search for a couple of days until I found the exact phone I wanted. A nice Motorola v710.
I paid $96 for it.

When the cell arrived I turned it on to see if it worked, it did but it only had one bar of charge. Happy with my new phone, I plugged it into the charger that came with it and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning the phone wouldn`t turn on no matter what me or my mother did. Frustrated with this I emailed the person who sold me the phone.

After no response we called the Motorola tech support and they took us through all the steps, then told us it might have something to do with the charger. So we used the car charger (that came as a free bonus gift) and... it worked! The wall charger the person gave me was faulty.

A week passed, with me trying desperately to get in touch with said person. Left four emails to their ebay account and email listed. When that didn`t work I escalated it by contacting the ebay team and leaving a negative feedback.

Finally the person gave me a number at which to reach them (which was about the time I moved into new apartment) and they told me they`d be sending me a new charger.
I recieved a new charger and found it to be BROKEN!
Yes! The little prongs that go into the phone to charge it had been B-R-O-K-E-N! The charger had been sent in an envelope with no protective coverings and upon further inspection of the envelope showed no pieces that would indicate it`d been broken pre-shipping.
I called the person up again to tell them how unhappy I was with this and that I wanted to be refunded the money for a new charger (I would have used the car charger but since I do not own a car of my own I was using my friends` cars). I had gone down to the motorola store near my apartment to see how much chargers for this phone costed ($24.99).
The man told me if I returned the phone they`d refund my money.
I told him that the phone worked perfectly fine I just need a charger!
He told me he could refund me a little money. $10 to be exact.
I told him that I wanted $20. That $10 wouldn`t cover a new charger.
Man says that I could buy a cheap charger off of ebay.
I tell the man that I am never buying electronics off of ebay ever again and that $10 wouldn`t cover the charger, let alone the shipping fee.
The man told me that they were only making $6 off my purhcase and that $10 was all I was going to get. Or they would send me a new charger.
I give in and tell them to send me ANOTHER charger (Charger #3).

Charger #3 arrived today and...

So now I have to contact the ebay seller team AGAIN to deal with this because I have this cellphone that I can barely use (and I NEED to use it because we don`t have a landline in the apartment) and my roommates (though they understand the situation) aren`t too pleased with their car batteries being drained so I can charge my cell.

This has been going on for close to 3 weeks. What should I do?
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