Rebecca (theniwokesoftly) wrote in bad_service,

I had a mishap earlier when feeding my two dogs, and the 15-pound dog ate the medication that was meant for the 65-pound dog. Now, obviously this is my fault. I take total responsibility. However, I know much more about cats than dogs, so I called my vet to see if I needed to rush the small dog in.

Me: Hi, I have a 65-pound Australian Shepherd and she's on 500mg of Flagyl. I was trying to get her to take it and she spat it out and before I could grab it, my 15-pound terrier ate it. Do I need to bring her in or will she be ok?
Vet tech: So that was 100mg?
Me: No, 500.
Vet tech: Did you get it from us?
Me: Yes.
Vet tech: Cause I don't think we have 100...
Me: No, it was FIVE hundred!
Vet tech: Lemme go ask the vet. ::she comes back:: You said you got it from us? Because we only do 250 and 500 of Flagyl.
Me: ...I told you it was 500.
Vet tech: Well, anyway, she should be fine as long as she doesn't get another dose. If she starts vomiting or having a seizure, bring her in.

Because if my dog were normally to have a seizure, I wouldn't take her in at all. I just really hope that information holds true for 500mg as well as 100mg, but I know the vet and she probably gave the information for the doses that she knows they have, which is not 100mg. Just, way to listen when the health of someone's dog is at stake!

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