Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

F* you too, Charter

Alright, as you guys might remember that I posted a week or so ago that Sunrocket went belly up. Our phone service was with Sunrocket. So the day after we lost our phone service we called Charter to have VOIP installed since we already use Charter internet at the business. No problem we're told, they'll have it scheduled to turn on TODAY (July 30). Our phone number would be ported by today.

The tech was scheduled to be at our business today between 1 and 5 PM. At 4:30 PM the hubby called Charter to find out what was going on and was told that the tech had until 5 PM to show up then he'd be late. 5 PM came and went and the hubby stayed at work until 7 PM. When he came home, he got onto the phone and talked to the so-called ONLY person on duty. She told him then me that due to a portability issue that they could not transfer the phone and thus no tech would be coming out. The earliest a tech could come out would be August 9th but it might take up to 10 weeks. -_-

Oh fuck no. We're going with Vonage since they can port our number within 72 hours or so the tech told me when I talked to him last week.

Edit to add the following:

After talking to the woman who claimed she was practically working by herself and there was nothing she could do, we canceled the order with Charter and went with Vonage. Within ten minutes of signing up with Vonage (over the phone) our new phone service was turned on and our number transferred. By tomorrow or Wednesday we'll have the new gizmo to have complete access. Hmm... and Charter couldn't do it until at least August 9th or up to 10 weeks? Pft. And yes, we're canceling the internet portion as well and sticking to Verizon.

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