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This is copy & pasted word for word (with permission) from a girl I know named Shay. It shocked and appalled me, so I thought I'd share:

A bill collector called me for a unpaid hospital bill for preventative care.. that our insurance is fighting us on... they HAVE to pay it.. but are digging their heels in... we are going through higher up systems to make them pay it....

Anyways its through my husbands work.. and I am a stay at home mom...

So the bill collector lady calls me.. she's like you need to pay this bill... Im like well.. I can't pay the bill right now... Its up to my insurance company to pay for it and we are working on it.

I told her, if you want to know the status, you can contact my husband as he's the one who works, brings in the money, and its his insurance through his company work...

Is his name "blah blah blah and his contact info blah blah blah.. and his insurance company this one..."

Yes that information is all correct, Please contact him before calling me back because I won't be the one to pay this bill.... I don't have income I am a stay at home mother....

She said, Its not my job to contact your insurance company or your husband, you need to pay the damn bill....

I replied :
I already TOLD YOU, if you want this bill taken care of, you need to call my husband and insurance company. I cannot give you money that isn't in my bank account.. (the bill's roughly about 600 dollars.)

Maybe if you had a job instead of being a worthless stay at home mom you could cover your own expenses...(she started screaming at me over the phone... )

I said, well fuck you then, call my husband and fuck off...

I then hung up on her.....
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