James Lock (wordcandlemage) wrote in bad_service,
James Lock

Not so "royal" treatment

Last week I went to Burger King on my home from work. It's in Duluth, GA on Peachtree Industrial Blvd. (Yes, I know most of you won't know where that is, but for those who do, I want them to be aware of this place.)

I have often stopped there because it's on the way home, and it's on the right-hand side of the road, so I don't have to try to cross traffic. The people there are always rude, but a little rudeness can be dealt with. My order is always slightly wrong in some way: order a large, get a medium; ask for cheese, don't get any; order a small, get a large...so sometimes it balances out.

Last week was just the last straw, though.

I go in and I am literally the only customer at the counter. The cashier's name tag says "Teresa"; I start giving her my order.

Me: I'd like a twelve-piece chicken fries with honey-mustard sauce...
Teresa: That'll be three-sixty.
Me: I'm not finished, yet. Sorry. I have more items.
Teresa: Three-sixty.
Me: I said I need to get some more things.
Teresa: That'll be three-sixty.
Me: I need to get some more things. I wasn't finished ordering.
Teresa: Your total is three-sixty.
Me: May I finish ordering my lunch, please?
Teresa: Sir, your total is three-sixty.
Me: I'd like to speak with your manager, please.
At this point, Teresa turns around and gets my chicken fries. I leave without getting them. I call the manager -- Ellen -- from my cell phone in the car. Ellen is even less helpful than Teresa. She tells me that if my order was not complete, I should have told the cashier that and finished ordering. You'll notice that I tried to do that very thing and was completely denied that opportunity to do so.

I ended up getting the number of Ellen's regional manager. I spoke to him and he was completely dumbfounded that any customer would be treated that way.
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