therion76 (therion76) wrote in bad_service,

One bad and another poor quality, but friendly.

Bad Service - StayOnline. This company provides internet access for various hotel chains (including the one I am currently in). Basically, I try and report problems with connectivity and really high latencies (1500-4300 ms) and I'm told that it's "acceptable" and there is nothing they will do. What is the point of "high speed" when the bandwidth is severely limited (maybe 20kbs on a download off the web) and everything takes 1-4 seconds to respond? Avoid if you need quality high speed internet access when you are at any hotel.

Friendly service, but lacking in quality - Extended Stay Deluxe located in Columbia, MD. First room I am given hasn't been cleaned from the last tenant. The hotel policy on cleaning, is no cleaning during a stay if under 6 days, and once per weeks if the stay is longer. You might be able to imagine the appearance and more importantly the smell of the room (it has a stove and refrig, so people can... and probably did cook here during their stay). I was quickly given another room by the staff (who was friendly), which smelled like bleach. Well at least I know the room was cleaned, though 1 day later the smell of bleach still isn't gone. Oh and they use StayOnline for their internet service provider.

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