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Paypal sucks and banks couldn't care less.

A couple of bad service stories. One involving a bank, one involving Paypal. Now while some may say it's not really bad service, but bad policy issue, I'm going to chalk it up to bad service considering they refused to even listen and treated us like we were overreacting because of their crappy rules. Ahem, can you tell I'm still touchy? You'll understand why.

Saturday, July 7th I get a phone call from card services telling me they have some strange purchases going on. I call back and find out roughly $1000 has been racked on my debit card through several places. I freak(only mentally, not at them) and go through the steps to get it blocked. Okay, I know I have to wait until Monday to get it fully sorted. But I can't help feeling just a bit of stress that my bank account is now -$600 and I have a car loan payment scheduled to go through on Monday, I'm a bit worried that will be stopped and my credit affected. Yikes.

Monday rolls around and I go to the bank at lunch. They tell me there's nothing they can do. Why? It hasn't hard posted. They have to make sure that money really is being taken out before they can do anything. Er. Okay. They allow my car loan to go through and roughly another $100 is lost to various fees. My nails are now all gnawed off. Wednesday morning rolls around, still has not hard posted. Finally Thursday I get the notice: "Your account is overdrawn by a shit-ton of money, fix it?"

(I promise to try and shorten this now)

I go in, file the claim and they tell me that it will be 10 days maximum before I should get the paperwork to sign for my refund. That is approximately the 23rd of July. That time rolls around, I have now accumulated about another $300 in fees, and nothing. I don't panic, people get busy, but I have called a few times and asked if there was anything I could do. I have bills to pay, this is my only source of income as by this point my credit card is now maxed and my paycheck has been deposited, but been eaten by the nasty faerie of negative bank accounts.

Here rolls around the 27th and I have been bounced between two bank branches and the card services department. They have given my a credit memo to bring my account back up, which only ends up dropping a few days later and incurring more fees. My checks, which were okay to write while I had the credit memo are now also stacking up fees. And the paperwork is now 5 days late as the 28th rolls around and my bank account has inflated to negative levels I never thought possible.

I call, I try and get help, but nothing. The bank has nobody of authority working and I am now being informed it could be 45 days before I see a refund. Quite the jump from 10 to 45, I'd say. They're also telling me that they can't do anything and that no one has put any notes in the system detailing my claim. So essentially after 21 days of having little to no access to my account aside from checks, I am being told we're still at square one, just with about $500 more in losses. Great.

Obviously to this day it still has not been fixed, and this is the second time this has happened. The first time involved paypal, surprise surprise, but only took a week or so to fix. I have officially opened another bank account and once I get my refund, I am high tailing it out of that crappy bank. It may not sound like really bad service, but I have been bounced around so much I can't even remember half the people I talk to, and going from 10 days to 45 is just ridiculous. This isn't just a $50 item I want refunded. This is my entire account, my means of paying bills, paying for necessities, everything. How can you just cut someone off from that and then tell them it could take a month and a half for them to do anything about it? What crap.

Paypal? Hmm. I used to love them. Then I started having one bad thing happen after another with them. The icing on the cake was this.

I sold something on ebay that cost me about $70 after it was all said and done. The girl pays, I offer insurance and she declines. Okay then. I send the package and literally less than a week goes by and she's e-mailing, bitching and asking me where it is. I do have delivery confirmation so I can show her it has been shipped and I don't know why it isn't there. A few days later, I find out why. I get a letter from USPS saying: "Hey, we found your box. It was open and empty. Sorry! Send this in and we'll look for it."

So I fill out the form, turn it in and stupidly sign it so that if they find the package, they can send it on to the customer.

That very day I send an e-mail to previously mentioned customer(who has by now sent three e-mails crabbing me out) and send her a copy of the letter sent to me. She replies by chewing me out, again, and demanding a refund, as she's "tried to be nice" but is "tired of waiting."

I inform her that I cannot give the refund, once I had shipped I assumed my end was fulfilled and used the funds for what I had to pay for. She has already upgraded her complaint to a claim on paypal and then says she has "tried to reason" with me.

I assume I'm safe. Afterall, I offered insurance and she declined, I have proof of shipment and it's really not my fault that the package was lost. Not to mention if USPS found it they would have sent it on to her. So I'm okay, right?

Nope. I log in one day, no e-mail sent to me at all, and find my account at a negative. Understandably, I'm pissed.

I plan on disputing, but get side tracked with said previous bank issues. Next thing I know I'm getting a phone call from a collection agency. My mother, who is far more forceful of a person than I'll ever be, calls and tries to find out why I was sided against.

The only thing they'll tell me? "You can't prove the package was delivered."

Er, right. We know. It was lost, remember? But we have all sorts of proof that I completely fulfilled my end of the bargain.

"Yea. But you can prove it was delivered."

But I have an e-mail from USPS that they wouldn't track the package if they did find it.

"Well, you can't prove the customer got the package."

We're really not going anywhere at this point. My mother is still calm, she's just starting to get a bit more demanding in why they can't give a logical reason as to why I'm out over $200.

The girl then starts talking to my mother like she's threatening this girls puppy and newborn child and transfers her to a manager. Same crap from the manager, who then informs us collections will be after us.

Ending result: I've got this on my record, Paypal is now out the money as they can take their collections agencycrap and forciby insert it into their anus, as I refuse to pay for another's mistake.

Honestly, I've heard so many stories of how paypal almost ALWAYS sides with the buyer, rarely ever the seller, because all sellers are ready and waiting to get your money. Buyers are never at fault, ever.

Has anyone else ever had problems with paypal?

That was probably really boring and drawn out for what it was, but I'm really touchy about this at the moment. Two companies essentially bending me over and doing something illegal in a few states and I'm left high and dry because I'm completely helpless against either of them.

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