Kiran Lightpaw (kiranlightpaw) wrote in bad_service,
Kiran Lightpaw

American Airlines

  • Flight #3500 HSV-DFW. The flight was an hour and a half late leaving Huntsville. This in and of itself is not that bad, though rather irritating. The bad part was that no one said anything to us passengers during the entire hour we waited before boarding. There was no agent at the gate, no announcements, and nothing on any of the monitors. We just had to sit there and ... wait ... without being told anything about what was going on or when we would be leaving by AA. Eventually, we started talking among ourselves and found out that the people downstairs were giving various "delayed" times for departure, but no one ever thought to tell the people already sitting in the terminal and waiting.
  • Flight #677 DFW-PDX. I spilled water on my lap. My bad, I know, and I didn't want to wake the lady sleeping next to me so I pushed the call button intending to ask for a couple of towels to clean the ice cold water off my lap. I waited. And waited. And waited. Fifteen minutes later a flight attendant happened to be walking by, so I asked for some paper towels. He disappeared, never to be seen again. Another 30 minutes passed before a different flight attendant walked by to see why my light was on. I told him that I had spilled water, but by this point it had already dried. He just turned the light off and walked away without so much as an apology. The irritating thing was several times I glanced back and all three were in the aft galley, leaning against the bulkhead and chatting, while I'm sitting there with ice water on my junk.
  • Flight #3397 DFW-HSV. In the three hours I sat in Concourse B at DFW, this flight move gates four times. Once again, this is not that big a deal, though kind of irritating because each time it happened it changed by about 20 gates. The irritating thing was, once again, no one said anything to any of the passengers! No announcements, no notes on the monitors, nothing. It was only by occasionally asking a gate agent or that I happened to be walking by a monitor and glanced up to see a new gate.

For some reason, I never seem to have these problems with Delta. I guess the really irritating thing is the lack of communication. I mean really, it takes 30 seconds to make an announcement that a flight has been delayed, or that the gate has changed, and everyone would be wiser for it. Instead, we're just sitting here like cows waiting to be slaughtered while no one bothers to say anything to us.

The other irritating thing is that, I guess I just feel that we, as passengers, don't have very much recourse when it comes to lodging a complaint. When all a flight attendant has to do is say "you're causing trouble" to have you arrested and thrown in jail, we kind of just have to take whatever service we get, no matter how shitty it is, and be thankful we're not dropping the soap.

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