jordie_dirigible (gloriousmcfly) wrote in bad_service,

banking suck

I am a customer of a specific banking institution that is nation-wide, but I have really only seen regular branches in the west, and almost none in the east.

A young friend's mother wrote me a check since I took my friend's senior photos. She has a broken right hand so the writing on the check was a little messy. Still 100% readable and it didn't look like anything had been scratched out.

Anyway, I went to go deposit it today. The teller let me enter all my information while she was looking at the check and then in the most henious and unprofessional voice ever says: "Fucking Christ, I hate it when they do this..." and just stands up and walks away from her desk. I'm completely baffled. I've been going to this branch since 1998 and I've been assisted by this particular teller on many occasions.

She leaves me standing there staring at the wall while she talks to a higher up. She comes back, tosses the check in my face and says "I can't take this."

I'm flummoxed so I ask her why. She points to two spots where it's kind of hard to read and tells me that I have obviously changed the date and obviously forged the amount. I'm blown away at this accusation so I try to explain that she has a broken hand. And she's not even listening. I was PISSED. I know that they're looking out for someone's security, but you'd think almost 10 years of absolutely hassle free customership would get me some understanding, and even if they can't cash my check their stupid tellers can be professional about it.
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