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bad wrecker service

A one-man wrecking service tried to charge my husband $125 last night, for a job that took about 5 seconds.
No, seriously. He wasn't even really mired in the mud, it just took a little tug as he was in a very small truck.
The guy wouldn't tell my husband how much it would cost over the phone even when asked point blank for a figure, or at least an idea. He said, "Well, I'll find out when I get there."
When he got there and John asked again, it was still "Oh, this won't be a problem at all".

Yeah, John should have waited and gotten a figure first, but it was cutting into his work time and he assumed that "not a big deal" meant it would be the average cost ($40-$60) or less.
After it was done, and again it only took about 10 seconds, this douchebag tried to get $125.

My husband only had $35 on him, and of course he was planning on paying by going to an ATM to get the remaining balance if it had been a reasonable price.
I was livid. When John said he only had $35, but that he called around before talking to this guy and everyone quoted him a max of $65, Joe Bob Scammer scoffed, "No one would come out here for less than $125" (it was about a 15 minute drive, so I don't know, but everyone he called first knew that, they just didn't have anyone available to come fast enough).
When John said he only had $35 (and again, he was planning on getting cash to pay more), the guy rudely said "Well, go to an ATM then!"

They arranged to meet at a local gas station, where John was going to negotiate the price down. I suggested sticking to $70 and no more (still a ridiculous price for that small job, but at least somewhat fair), and telling him he can bill us for the rest because we'll fight it.
The guy never showed up, and never called him, and he had his number. So obviously he was just going to see what he could get. Unbelievable.

At least we only had to pay $35. Oh, and we have AAA now, so this won't be a problem in the future, thank God.
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